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Careington Care 500 Savings Stories

“I’m very pleased with the savings I’ve received from the Careington dental plan.”
Sherri from Texas

“I’ve used my card twice. Both times I saved over 40%.”
Amy from Texas

“Extremely happy with the plan. I think it is wonderful. Overall very happy.”
Constance from Illinois

“. . . . and I also cannot say enough about the dentists on the plan.”
Violet from Texas

“THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! You saved me money… I like that!”
Susan from Georgia

“My savings were more than with the group plan I used to have at work.”
Tony from Florida

“I thought this plan was too good to be true… so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised!”
Mike from Tennessee

“I’ve recommended the Careington dental plan to my friends and will continue to do so.”
Bill from Oklahoma

“I have received great discounts and great service thru this plan.”
Maria from Texas

Careington has millions of members for one simple reason: It Works!

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