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Once you become a member of the Careington Care 500 Plan, you will receive your new dental plan membership email within seconds.

In about 10 business days you will receive by mail your member cards and packet.

Remember, you do not need to wait for the mail to start using your new dental plan immediately!

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Fast Start Tip #1

When making your first appointment verify that the dental office is a current Careington Plan “500 Series” network provider and is accepting new patients.

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Fast Start Tip #2

Once payment is processed, you are sent a Temporary E-mail ID. Print this Temporary ID and take it on your first dental office visit.

Your ID Card will say Careington “500 Series.” There are eight Discount Fee Schedules, “501” through “508” which vary by state.

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Fast Start Tip #3

We suggest that you print a copy of the full Schedule of Discounts for your State and take it with you on your first dental office visit to be sure you are being billed properly.

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