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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the dental plan and how do I sign up?
It’s very affordable! The cost of the plan starts at only $9.95/month for an individual (plus a $30 initial setup fee your first month). You save 15% when paying annually. Click here to join today!
Who may be included on my plan?
You may include not only (1) immediate family members, but also (2) anyone residing at your address, or (3) anyone for whom you provide material support, such as a parent in assisted living, or a student living away.
How long has Careington been in business?
In 1979, two doctors founded a member network that helped both companies and individuals. They amassed a fraternity of dentists who agreed to charge much lower fees to their counterpart patient members . . . and it worked. Today, Careington has millions of members nationwide.
I need dental work NOW! Are existing conditions accepted?
Yes, current dental conditions are accepted immediately. The only exception is for dental work already in progress.

A simple diagnosis or treatment plan are not considered to be “work in progress.” If you have dental work that has already begun (dental braces, for example), then plan discounts will not apply to that specific procedure.

Can you tell me the total cost for the dental work I need?
Only a dentist is able to diagnose the exact procedures you may need. The Schedule of Discounts for your State gives you exact discounted fees for over 100 of the most common dental procedures, listed by ADA code. (ADA = American Dental Association.)

If you have an itemized treatment plan and price from another dentist, you may compare it to Careington’s Schedule of Discounts for your state to calculate the savings (20% to 60%). Otherwise, only a dentist can give you a true estimate, based on his or her examination, identifying the exact dental procedures you need.

Suggestion: If extensive and costly work is required, consumer advocates usually recommend that you obtain a second dental opinion. This is not problem for Careington Dental Plan members, as no referral is required to seek another diagnosis from any other participating dentist in the plan.

What are the requirements of the Careington dental plan?
The #1 requirement of the Careington dental plan is that you must use a participating Careington provider for savings (100,000 nationwide). Careington dentists are carefully screened, credentialed, and selected in order to secure that you are given a choice of some of the finest dentists in your area.

Everyone wants quality dental care at an affordable price. Careington Dental is a great program that can make that a reality.

When will I be able to use the plan once I sign up?
When you Join securely online, you are sent a Temporary Dental Plan ID via e-mail. Use this email ID right away, until your regular ID card arrives by mail in about 10 business days. (See Tips To Start Fast.)

Note: Vision and Rx savings are available once you receive your permanent card in the mail.

When will I get my Dental Plan ID Card?
When you Join securely online, you should receive a Temporary Dental Plan ID via e-mail within 30 minutes. Expect your official Membership packet, along with all printed Member ID cards, via regular mail in about 10 to 14 days.

*You do not need to wait to start using your dental plan immediately. (Start Fast)

Note: Vision and Rx savings are available once you receive your permanent card in the mail.

How much can I expect to save with the Dental Plan?
You save 20% to 60% on nearly all dental care, with no annual limits on Plan usage or savings.

NOTE: We suggest you take a copy of your State’s “Schedule of Discounts” on your first dental visit to be sure you are being charged properly.

How does a dentist qualify to join Careington's provider network?
Dentists must meet Careington’s highly selective credentialing process which is based on education, background, location, office facilities, and other requirements.
What if I want to change dentists?
You are free to seek care from any participating dentist in the network. If you wish to change dentists, simply call the new dental office for an appointment and let them know that you are a Careington plan member.

For help finding a dentist, please call 1.855.588.8719.

Note: You should complete procedures in progress (if any) by your current dentist, because dental offices will not take over another dentist’s unfinished work.

What type of emergency service do I have?
In case of an emergency, a Member should contact their usual plan dentist. If he/she is unavailable, contact Careington Member Service and they will assist you in locating another dentist ASAP.
Can the Careington plan work with a dental indemnity (insurance) plan?
Careington can work with true dental insurance. However, Careington does not work with a dental HMO, PPO, or other dental “discount plan.”

In order to receive discounts, you must…

— use a Careington network dentist to receive your dental discounts, and
— after paying the reduced fees, you file a claim with your dental indemnity (insurance) company.

It seems too good to be true — explain why Careington works?
For a complete explanation, please see Why Careington Works.
How do I make changes to my membership?
For any questions or to add members to your plan, please call our Member Services department at 1.855.588.8719.

Verbal cancellations are accepted over the phone. If you cancel within the first 30 days of application, you will receive a 100% refund less the processing fee, no questions asked.