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Careington Dental Plan 507… for California

Get 20% to 60% Off Dental Care NOW.  Individual just $9.95/mo.

  • Founded 1979, Careington Dental Plan is now over 8,000,000 members strong because it works!
  • Save on dentures, crowns, braces, nearly all dental care (except work actually started).
  • Immediate plan activation — no waits required for any service or dental condition.
  • No paperwork hassles, no forms to file.  Vision & Rx included at no charge.

Step-by-Step…  How the Dental Plan Works:

1… You save 20% to 60% on nearly all dental care (see Step 1 below),

2… when you go to a participating plan dentist (see Step 2 below)

3… You may join today (Step 3) and start using the plan as soon as you wish (Tips to Start Fast).

Step 1… See Your Savings (20% to 60% off, in writing!)

Dental Plan Discounts, Your Savings

When you go to a plan General Dentist, your fees are discounted according to a published Schedule of Discounts for your State. You save 20% to 60%.

At a plan Dental Specialist, you save 20% off normal fees.

No guesswork – see your savings before you join, with published discounts on over 100 of the most common dental procedures.

Links to open FULL Schedule of Discounts

** Best for Viewing >  Plan 507 Schedule of Discounts (html)
** Best for Printing >  Plan 507 Schedule of Discounts (pdf)
NOTE: Discount Schedules open in a New Window. Close when finished.

 A Small Sample of Plan 507 Savings for California
Sample Dental Services(1) Plan 507
You Pay
0120 Oral Exam $ 24 $ 52 54%
1110 Regular Cleaning $ 45 $ 95 52%
2140 Amalgam Filling (1 surface) $ 57 $ 142 60%
2752 Porcelain Crown (fused to noble metal) $ 573 $ 1046 45%
5110-20 Complete Upper or Lower Denture $ 788 $ 1719 54%
7140 Simple Extraction $ 73 $ 175 58%
—- Orthodontia / Braces 20% off normal fees $ 800 +
 *1. Discount Fee Schedules are for General Dentists. Schedules vary by state.
 *2. 80th percentile of the 2009 National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report.

Step 2… Look-Up Plan Dentists Near You

Dental Dentists

A…  Select Specialty:   

B…  Select Distance in Miles:   

C…  Enter Your Zip Code:   

D…  Press the “Find” Button >   

Founded in 1979, Careington has had the time needed to develop one of the largest plan networks in the nation, with over 98,000 participating dentists.

SUGGESTION: When making your first dental appointment, we suggest you verify that the dental office continues to accept the Careington Dental Plan “500 Series” (above) and is accepting new patients.

Trusted since 1979, Careington is now over 8,000,000 members strong for one reason. It Works!

Step 3… Join Today   Careington discount dental plan, Better Business Bureau member   Join Careington dental plan, Care 500 Series.

  • 3 ways to join — select your desired option below.
  • Immediate activation — no wait required for any dental service or condition!
  • Existing dental conditions — accepted immediately (except work actually started).
Why Pay More?
Annual Payment  (15%+ savings) Monthly Payment Option
Household  *Your Cost Household *Your Cost
Individual $99.00/year Individual $9.95/month
2  Members $149.00/year 2  Members $14.95/month
3+ Members $179.00/year 3+ Members $17.95/month
*plus a one-time, non-refundable
$20 processing fee
*plus a one-time, non-refundable
$30 processing fee

Peace-of-Mind — you can cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund, less the processing fee.

Household Savings — this may include not only (1) immediate family members, but also (2) anyone residing at your address, or (3) anyone for whom you provide material support, such as a parent in assisted living, or a student living away.

Join Securely Online
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Careington Dental & Vision Plan

Join Careington Dental and Vision Plan

Save 15% if you pay annually

What Next? Within about 30 minutes* of completing your online application, you are sent a Welcome e-mail with temporary plan ID. A second e-mail receipt is sent once payment is verified. Print the temporary email ID and take with you on your first dental visit (Tips To Start Fast). Your regular Dental Plan ID will arrive by mail in about 10 business days.

Free Vision & Rx cards: You may use these cards once you receive your Plan packet by regular mail.

*upon verification of payment, during regular business hours. May be longer after hours, weekends, and holidays.

Tips to Start Fast  |  Terms-Conditions  |  Peace-Of-Mind  |  Online Security

Join by Telephone

Tips to Start Fast  |  Terms-Conditions  |  Peace-Of-Mind

Careington step-by-step…  See Savings: Step 1,  Plan Dentists: Step 2, Join Today: Step 3

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Careington Dental Plan, now over 8,000,000 members strong. It Works!